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Embu: Arts and Crafts Village

Embu, 35 minutes from São Paulo(4 hours tour).
A large open fair (specially weekends) excellent to buy gifts, souvenirs, Brazilian stones and all sort of sculptures, paintings, handcrafts in a charming colonial architecture.

Beach Tour

One day tour, 1h30m from São Paulo.
Santos City

Around 60 kilometers from São Paulo, it’s the largest harbor in the Latin America, having a coffee-linked history. A view of the Guiness Book beach gardens and its Coffee Museum.

Guarujá Island
Considered one of the most elegant natural resorts of São Paulo shore, with luxury apartments, houses and hotels. Delightful beaches, great restaurants, a picturesque fisherman’s beach and also surfing, sailing or trekking sports.

Coffee Farm

One day tour, 1h from São Paulo.
Visit to the coffee farm from the XIX century and see the plantations. It offers several activities as horseback riding, rowing and trekking. Typical Brazilian lunch included.

Eco Tour

Cantareira, 30 minutes from São Paulo (half day tour). Available only on weekends.
A huge area of preserved rainforest! It’s the largest forest within an urban area in the whole world. Enjoy trekking by waterfalls and see the wild life.

Campos do Jordão

One day tour, 2h30 from São Paulo.
Mountain resort known as the "Brazilian Switzerland" because of its alpine style architecture, Campos do Jordão is one of the favorite winter resorts in Brazil. The city is located 1.600 m above sea level and has the best air quality in the world. Excellent restaurants, shops and clubs surrounded by beautiful landscapes.


One day tour.
Located around 3 hours drive from São Paulo, Ubatuba features over 80 beaches. There are some beautiful islands and waterfalls along the coast and, many different beaches to visit. It is possible also to walk through trails to isolated beaches.

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