Embu: Arts and Crafts Village

Embu, 40 minutes from São Paulo(4 hours tour)
A typical small colonial town 40 minutes away from downtown São Paulo, it has many charming arts, handicraft and furniture stores.
In addition, a large open fair (specially weekends) excellent to buy gifts, souvenirs, Brazilian stones and all sort of sculptures, paintings, handcrafts in a charming colonial architecture.
The colonial architecture of this historical city, includes the Churches, a 17th-century cathedral built in a simple Baroque style and the Museum of Sacred Art.

Beach Tour

Santos City
Eighty kilometers far from the City of São Paulo. Once we arrive at Santos we will visit the Old town, the Harbor (which is the most important in Brazil, with its coffee linked history), Visit the Stock Exchange and Coffee Museum , Pelé museum and we will drive along Guinness Book shore gardens, by car or by cableway, Along the tour, several historical points are crossed.

Guarujá Island
We will take a ferry boat to reach the island of Guarujá where we will be able to visit some nice beaches and taste an excellent sea food at the best restaurant of the region.
Guarujá is known as the "Pearl of the Atlantic", because of its beautiful beaches and natural beauty.
The urbanized beaches are very popular in the high season with tourists coming from all over Brazil and other countries.

Coffee Farm

One hour from São Paulo
The oldest and most traditional coffee farm. It´s about one and a half hour far from São Paulo city.
We have about 2 hours at the farm tour telling the history of the coffee where we can riding into a coffee plantation and witness the other stages of coffee production.
You can see the place they keep the coffee, the separation and the roasting of grain.
In this farm you can have lunch, horse riding, lake and swimming pool.

Eco Tour

- During the Weekends the Eco tour is held at Cantareira State Park and on weekdays is held at Jaraguá State Park.

Sao Paulo is surrounded by the original Atlantic Forest, that forms a big green ring around this huge city. The biggest urban park with forest in the world is located in this area, just 30 minutes away from the city center.
We will select the best trails to suit your ability, ranging from easy to medium in difficulty. In this park we can observe various species of birds, plants and animals, besides beautiful small waterfalls where it is possible to get in touch with the true energy of Nature.

Campos do Jordão

Two hours and thirty minutes from São Paulo
Campos do Jordão, São Paulo highest city (more than 1600m), has a charming alps style and exhuberant subtropical highland nature. It is known as the Brazilian Switzerland.
We will visit the Capivari downtown, where you can find malls, restaurants, and the best knit stores of the region; the Itapeva Hill to appreciate a view of the highland town and then we will reach Morro do Elefante, where we can see one of the most stunning panoramic views of the city.


Three hours from São Paulo
Ubatuba features over 80 beaches and is known by its biodiversity, specially related to birds, wild beaches and waterfalls.
There are some beautiful islands and waterfalls along the coast and, many different beaches to visit. It is possible also to walk through trails to isolated beaches.
Much of the land to the north is forested and mountainous, forming a part of the Serra do Mar mountains.
A marine park was created under Tamar Project to protect sea turtles.

Other States Tour